Case Studies: Imperial Brown, Inc.

Company Name

Imperial Brown Manufacturing

Industry / Product

Cold Storage Refrigeration Structures


Gresham, OR | Salisbury, NC | Prague, OK

Making Temp Controlled Topics Cool Again

Imperial Brown, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial temperature controlled storage and walk-in coolers for the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, and the military. This unique business had a necessity for creating updated design accommodations to meet their customers' needs for the ability to have a sliding door that could allow forklift access. CCI’s relationship with IB was then born in 2004.

We Can Rebuild It...

A newer, and updated design for solving the growing needs of Imperial Brown, Inc.'s business. CCI met these needs by creating a newer generation of sliding door, also making this new addition for IB a cost effective product for their business partners.

The Next Generation

We continue to work directly with IB in designing and manufacturing the technology for these newly developed corresponding creations of newer generation sliding doors used for cold storage and walk in coolers, in addition to generating cost reduction for these products according to changing markets all over.

Paving the Way, and Sharing the Road

CCI currently handles the supply chain for these newly designed products, as well as the supply chain for IB, selling over a thousand units so far. The inventory levels for both companies are shared and agreed upon, as this enables us both to manage, and maintain changing market demands. CCI has also created “family line” products to aide in the assistance for each system, with multiple configurations in corresponding part numbers and accessories.