Case Studies: Sase Company

Company Name

Sase Company

Industry / Product

Cement Grinding and Polishing Equipment


Kent, WA

Design, Invent, Create… Repeat

SASE once supplied machine equipment for the construction and flooring industries, but later on, decided to manufacture their own line of products instead, so they partnered with us more than ten years ago to achieve these goals. Sase’s partnership with CCI has now made it possible for them to create their own baseline products, and industry standards.

Unparalleled Relationship Standards

In addition to Sase’s partnership with CCI in creating their own products within the construction and flooring industries, like the PDG8000, we have also made it possible for them to set their own industry standard, by creating other corresponding products to meet their growing needs.

This partnership with Sase has made it possible for CCI to establish a long lasting reputation within the industry for the ability to design, test, procure, manufacture, and now also provide aftermarket support of these machines, on both domestic and international levels.

The Industry Leader’s Brain Child

The current design and manufacturing standards set by CCI and our partnership with Sase has lead to incredible advancements within the construction and flooring industries. CCI continues to aide Sase in the changing needs for the next evolution in machinery like the PDG8000, as its creation has lead to the even more ground breaking designing and manufacturing for corresponding machines, such as the PDG8K, PDG8R, PDG5K, and Scarifiers.

The Making of Engineering Gurus

Setting the bar for engineering and “out of the box” thinking, CCI continues to strive in being the best for creative design and manufacturing for growing technology, as our relationship with clients like Sase have helped us in developing newer and better standards for machine equipment, staying ahead of our competition and remaining relevant in these changing market demands.

Jack of All Trades, and Proud of it

Cascade Controls not only meets the needs of every client but strives to exceed expectations. The business of manufacturing and design is a competitive one -- that’s why we stay on the leading edge of technological advancement, ensuring that our design and engineering services can, and will develop, create and put into action pretty much anything you can dream up.

Let Our Partners Do the Talking

The V.P. of Manufacturing from Sase Company had this to say about us: "We have been partnering with Cascade Controls for about ten years now, after first approaching them to help us improve the electrical side of manufacturing for us. We needed some help with the design of the electrical drives and components for our grinding machines, so we sat down with Cascade, and we would not be where we are today without them.

Our great relationship with Adam and Cos has grown, as we now sit down with them whenever we need new designs for our electrical components. Cascade listens to us, and learns what our needs are going to be, making the engineering possible for us to get our new products promptly to market. Cascade always delivers when we need something, as that cannot be said for many of our other partners. And if we had not made the smart decision to partner with Cascade so long ago, we would not have been able to grow our company in size.

We have gone from thirteen million, to thirty-eight million in the past ten years. With the help of Cascade Controls, we are on track to meet a strong projected profit goal of seventy-five million dollars in just the next five years alone."