Who We Do It For

The focus at Cascade Controls remains targeted on three basic client segments:

•   Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers (OEMs)

•   Entrepreneur Invested Start-Ups

•   Scalable End User Applications and Projects

Our clients enlist the help of Cascade Controls at a deep level of involvement. Because of that, we often work within the most critical and crucial aspects of a client's product. Therefore, there are several areas that we can participate in on the client's behalf. These areas include:

  • Boutique machine assembly
  • Control system manufacturing comprised of:
    • PLC, embedded, or IPC
    • HMI or other graphical interfaces
    • Remote monitoring
    • Servo solutions and coordinated motion control
    • Low voltage and medium voltage motor control
    • Industrial networks and VPN
    • Power distribution systems
  • Modular and sub-assembly manufacturing for on-machine applications
  • Hazardous location and intrinsically safe package systems
  • Packaged VFD Systems
  • Pumping and Dosing Skid Systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Government/Law enforcement surveillance technologies

Market Segments / Industries

Playing an integral partnership role with our clients has allowed Cascade Controls an opportunity to participate in a variety of market segments. Today, this background enables us to quickly adapt to provide the best resources, technologies, and techniques for your processes and products, resulting in a shorter time to market, quicker results, and a healthier bottom line. Below is a list of market segments we have participated in.

  • Semiconductor
  • Water - pumping, processing, filtering, storage, reclamation, irrigation
  • Energy - renewable, storage, mining, drilling, transmission, efficiency!
  • Materials Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Crane and Hoist
  • Car Wash Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Printing, etc.
  • Material Handling
  • Wood Products
  • Machine Tool
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marine
  • Cosmetics
  • Aerospace
  • Air Handling
  • Energy Storage
  • Lighting
  • Cold Storage
  • Rock Crushing
  • Dairy

What Starts Here Changes The World.

We provide product development for today's industrial OEMs. Partner with Cascade Controls for complete product lifecycle success, or at any point along the way.  We promise our best brain cells on every project you bring us. We provide the agility, innovation, and flexibility you need in every step of the process.

Imperial Brown, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial temperature controlled storage and walk-in coolers for the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, and the military. This unique business requires stringent design requirements in order to accommodate a sliding door for use with forklifts. Out of this specific business need in 2004, the long-term relationship between Imperial Brown, Inc. and Cascade Controls was born and continues to thrive today.

SASE once supplied machine equipment for the construction and flooring industries. Over time, they decided to manufacture their own line of products instead. Since first partnering with Cascade Controls over ten years ago, SASE has fully achieved their business goal of becoming an industry leader. The partnership has made it possible for them to create their own baseline products and set industry standards.