About Us

Engineering Solutions Across Industries

We are a team of dedicated professionals offering innovative solutions in technology, automation, power distribution, and industrial control systems. Notably, Cascade Controls has a remarkable track record, having produced more than 250,000 custom control systems. This milestone speaks volumes about our expertise and capability to tailor solutions to your unique needs

Established in 1987

Since our inception in 1987 Cascade Controls has been providing excellence in the electrical manufacturing world. Our commitment to quality and peerless engineering allows us to stand out amongst the rest.  

Our mission is to empower these industries with reliability and efficient integration. At Cascade Controls we pride ourselves on unrivaled quality and scrupulous testing to meet industry standards. The unique culture stemming from the pacific northwest provides a structure of accomplishment and distinction.  

Specialized in Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our company specializes in streamlining the build process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether you require a one-off, unique build or repeat high-volume orders, Cascade Controls is equipped to meet your demands. Our strong team of experienced technicians ensures the seamless construction of your products, every time.