Program Management

A program management system guaranteeing customer success

Cascade Controls has a resolute program management system guaranteeing customer success. Our commitment to our clients is exemplified by our on-site support team. Throughout the lifecycle of the customer’s product the project managers remain actively engaged and attuned to the customer’s goals, adeptly guiding them through each stage of the process.

We utilize best in class project management methodologies and ERP systems to proactively track order progress. 

A testament to our commitment

Dedicated Project Management Team

  • Each customer is assigned a manager to assess their specific needs.  
  • Our managers coordinate oversee all aspects required of your project to ensure matchless execution to meet deadlines. 
  • Incorporating feedback loops to improve the efficiency and quality of each project.  
  • Tailored build process and individualized quality standards. 
  • Formal Review and Recommendations Process.

and Inventory

  • Comprehensive supply chain management 
  • Competitive pricing. 
  • Large warehouse able to hold safety stock. 
  • Real time tracking of parts and back orders.

Document Control

  • Asset tagging and date codes. 
  • Serialized assemblies. 
  • Document revision control processes. 
  • Traceability and tracking of completed products.

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Transform your project management experience with Cascade Controls – click to discover our robust program management system, designed to guarantee our customer success. Our steadfast project management teams, and tailored build processes for matchless execution.