Panel Integration

Our integration service is meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We oversee the entire build process encompassing fabrication, wiring, testing, and rigorous quality inspection. Our commitment to excellence is documented in every stage of the building process. We adhere to streamlined manufacturing procedures that prioritize efficiency without compromising on standards.

Cascade Controls has over 35 years of controls design and manufacturing experience.

We have had over 70 customers in numerous different industries and over 20,000 unique designs! Our dedication to partner success and unrivaled build quality grants us distinction among our competitors. Let us cooperate in building your next project.


Specializing in end-to-end engineering services for the electrical manufacturing sector. Our certified engineering team is at the forefront of technological advancements. We offer comprehensive engineering including design, prototyping, custom builds, concepts, and optimization. Our elite engineering team is well educated in today’s standards and regulations. We continuously monitor manufacturing requirements so we can quickly adapt to maintain compliance.  

At Cascade Controls we place strong emphasis on client collaboration, so we are actively engaged in understanding our clients’ specific solutions.

Our commitment to scrupulous innovation and quality allows us to have peerless engineering. Experience our tailored solutions resulting in customer satisfaction today. 

Quality and Test Control

Our commitment to excellence is ingrained into the core of Cascade Controls. We take pride in our work as a reflection of ourselves. Each technician upholds themselves to exceptional standards in both functionality and aesthetics. This enables us to construct unprecedented work that leaves our customers satisfied.  

Cascade follows rigorous testing procedures that ensure long-term reliability and functionality that surpasses industry standards.

Ongoing training is a cornerstone of our devotion to creating high value products. Our quality control system implements documentation protocols for every step of the manufacturing timeline. This creates a feedback loop establishing insights from our manufacturing techniques, fostering a culture of growth of exceptionalism. Quality is not just a procedure, but a relentless journey towards perfection. 

Sub Assembly

We specialize in producing sub-assemblies that will seamlessly integrate into your larger system. Recognizing the pivotal role that efficiency plays in the success of business, we are committed to optimizing your workflow by offering solutions that expedite your building process. Allowing us to streamline your sub-assembly with our manufacturing methods advance production and cut build times.

Our technicians are aware of the deep intricacies and nuances each project requires and provide meticulous attention to detail.

The quality of our work produces the highest standards and functionality in the industry. When you choose Cascade Controls for your sub-assembly process, you opt for a partner dedicated to precision and reliability.

Wiring Harnesses

We stand as your reliable ally in premium cable assembly. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet any complexity or function you require.

Each cable is labeled for clarity, reflecting our allegiance to delivering the finest products.

Whether it’s constructing expansive assemblies or intricate, every cable goes through a rigorous quality and test control process. 

Explore Our Integrated Solutions

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